Arron Banks writes in the Sunday Express: Boris, the Blue Wave and the Brexit Party

In today’s Sunday Express, Leave.EU chairman Arron Banks puts forward his vision for how the next few months should play out.

A general election is near inevitable. Judging by this week’s monumental cabinet reshuffle, together with our new prime minister’s epic performance at the dispatch box, the Tories are on an election footing. But they won’t win unless they fight from the right, which is why an electoral pact with the Brexit Party would be devastatingly effective in securing a government that really is strong and stable and able to finally oversee Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.
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The Conservatives can only win decisively from the Right, as Margaret Thatcher proved three times. The past three years have left the toxic centre ground of politics burnt out. Unless the Tories acknowledge this publicly, millions of working-class voters will never vote for them again.

Indeed, one recent poll suggested that even if Johnson delivers Brexit by October 31, the Brexit Party would still retain 10 percent of the vote, or enough to prevent a comfortable Conservative victory. He must realise the seriousness of the situation.

There is good news, though. The stars are now aligned to reunite the Right and take on the evil of the Marxist septuagenarian Jeremy Corbyn. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to destroy Labour and elect a Conservative Party with a radical agenda exists. Two birds with a single stone.

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