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This week, as we are sure you are aware, our Houses of Parliament came under assault in a horrific terror attack. Get Britain Out would like to extend its condolences to all the families of those who have been affected by the incidents on Wednesday. Terrorists will never prevail against our values of democracy and freedom. Parliament – and the United Kingdom as a whole – will carry on, and we will not be cowed by the actions of terrorists.

On a positive note, we are now just 5 days away from Prime Minister Theresa May triggering Article 50. This will begin the irreversible process of taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Many of you wrote to your MPs to encourage them to reject the amendments the House of Lords had imposed on the Article 50 Bill, and this is exactly what they did – thank you for your help.

The Lords were made to think again, and this time they let the original, unamended Bill pass. The Government is now free to invoke Article 50, which it will now do on March 29th. The EU has said it will acknowledge our Article 50 letter within 48 hours, and on April 29th the 27 remaining EU Member States will have a summit to discuss their Brexit negotiating position. Negotiations are expected to take around 18 months from then, allowing us to finally leave the EU in early 2019.

Article 50 is, however, not the end. The Government has been busy laying the groundwork for post-Brexit Britain. It is expected at least 7 pieces of legislation, including the Great Repeal Bill, will be necessary to untangle ourselves from over 40 years’ worth of EU laws and directives. There are rumours the Remoaners in both the Commons and the Lords are preparing to fight the Government over these pieces of legislation. Once again, they will try to delay and dilute Brexit. It is time these MPs and Lords – and their fellow travellers like Richard Branson – accept Brexit is happening and stop trying to frustrate the will of the Great British Public.

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP Leader, has responded to the passage of the Article 50 Bill by demanding a second referendum on Scottish independence – before Brexit is concluded. This is supposedly because a majority of Scots voted ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum. This is, of course, just an excuse for Sturgeon to pursue her ideological dream of independence, and the Scottish people have now seen through her. They agree with the UK Government – there should be no referendum in the middle of Brexit negotiations. In the face of this opposition, Sturgeon is backing down, hinting she might accept a referendum after Brexit, and even suggesting she might drop her bizarre commitment to taking Scotland back into the EU.

This week the BBC’s approach to Brexit has come in for intense criticism. Countryfile viewers were up in arms over a segment which presented Brexit as catastrophic for British agriculture, even though rural communities across the country voted ‘Leave’. 72 MPs also signed a letter to the BBC, criticising its unjustified negative portrayal of Brexit in its reporting. It is time the BBC got serious about its commitment to impartiality.

TV OPPORTUNITY: Channel 4 are adapting the popular reality TV show ‘Wife Swap’ for a Brexit special, giving people on both sides of the EU debate the opportunity to explain their views to someone who voted the other way. If you’re a Leave-voting family and would like to take part, please contact the organisers of the show directly – by emailing them at or calling them on 0207 013 4255. You can also mention you received the link from Get Britain Out if you would like to.

Today we wrote an article for Comment Central calling for politicians and corporations to be realistic, accept Brexit is happening, and accept the UK is leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union. Focus ought to be paid to adapting in a global world, instead of the constrictions Britain currently has to suffer within the EU. If companies adapt to Brexit Britain, they won’t just survive, they’ll thrive. (Leave sceptics wrong on tariffs)

In the wake of the House of Lords’ attempt to block Brexit, we wrote an article for The Commentator arguing for their amendments to be voted down by the House of Commons. The Commons, of course, dutifully delivered, allowing Brexit to progress. They agreed, Brexit delayed is Brexit denied! The unelected House of Lords also eventually respected the will of the people and realised it was time to stop playing procedural games. Most of our MPs saw through their façade of concern, voted down their amendments and have ensured Brexit is delivered. (Brexit is our future, the Lords is not)

Article 50 is being triggered next Wednesday, and the Prime Minister will be making a statement in Parliament afterwards. However, the Liberal Democrats are still obstinately refusing to accept Brexit. Ironically, for a party calling themselves ‘democrats’, they have put themselves at the forefront of attempts to overturn the Referendum result. As we argued on Reaction, the LibDems’ anti-Brexit crusade is nothing more than a cynical ploy to try and attract the votes of hard-line Remainers. This will fail to revive the flagging party’s fortunes, since they are so clearly irrelevant, and unable to block the will of the people. (The LibDems should drop their cynical anti-Brexit crusade)

Sturgeon’s call for a second referendum on Scottish independence is based on an extremely faulty premise. On The Commentator, we exposed the hypocrisy of Sturgeon wanting to stay in the EU Single Market while leaving the UK’s internal market, which is four times more important to Scotland’s economy. Sturgeon’s second referendum demand is poorly thought through, and they should drop their obsession with the Single Market, and accept there will be no second independence referendum – or at least until after Brexit has happened. (Sturgeon’s self-defeating referendum opportunism)

Earlier on this month we wrote an article for BrexitCentral calling for post-Brexit Britain not to emulate the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. Leaving the EU will allow the UK to have a tailor-made agricultural policy, rather than a one-size-fits-all scheme. Whether this means increasing or reducing agricultural subsidies; keeping or removing subsidies altogether; increasing or reducing regulations; or rewarding producers or land owners. A sovereign UK Government will have the power to make these necessary changes. Keeping the current policy – which fails to reward efficiency and hard work – ought to be avoided at all costs. (British farmers don’t need the Common Agricultural Policy which fails to reward efficiency and hard work)

Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, recently wrote an article for EU Reporter arguing against a second EU referendum. In addition to being an affront to democracy, a second referendum would lead to massive uncertainty and give EU leaders every incentive to take the hardest line imaginable with Britain. The motivation is obvious. A bad deal would be offered in the hope UK voters will flinch at what’s on offer, and choose to remain in the EU or accept EU membership by the backdoor in the form of remaining in the Single Market. The Great British Public have already spoken. Now is the time for the Government to be allowed to negotiate with confidence and deliver a good deal for Brexit Britain. (There should be no more referendums, the UK must leave)

Some Conservatives are calling for a fresh General Election. They seek to capitalise on the Conservatives’ massive poll lead, and believe victory in a snap election would add ‘legitimacy’ to Theresa May’s Brexit plan for Britain, as well as her other policies. However, in an article for Reaction, we argue the Government should not call an early election. May’s Brexit plan needs no added ‘legitimacy’ – she is simply carrying out the Referendum mandate. In addition, an early election would be an unnecessary risk, and an unwelcome distraction from Brexit, which should be this Government’s top priority. (Put Brexit first and reject a new general election)

In an article for Comment Central we argued against a long-standing pro-EU myth: the EU is only unpopular because of unfair media coverage. But blaming the media for the increasing distrust of the EU won’t wash. After all, governments are heavily scrutinised by the press in all functioning democracies. The EU’s problem is its unelected, insulated leaders do not like scrutiny of their plans for a federal super-state. Why? Because their actions do not stand up to scrutiny. Enough excuses – the EU’s problems are the EU’s fault – nobody else’s. (Time for the EU to face up to reality)

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