It’s time that Congress does what they were elected to do, progress with Open Skies agreements, and other things you need to know

It’s time to make Congress work again and get the job done. With 271 outstanding nominations awaiting votes and a lack of budget planning, one would think the Senate would stay in session until progress was made and their work was finished. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin and Sen. David Perdue co-wrote a column this week demanding that Congress stop dragging its feet on passing 12 funding bills before the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30 and also to confirm Trump’s 250+ nominees.

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Carillion report comment: Mike Hughes, UK&I President, Schneider Electric






Today, Work and Pensions and BEIS Committees published their final report on Carillion, establishing that “the collapse of Carillion has tested the adequacy of the system of checks and balances on corporate conduct” and that that the collapse has happened, in part, due to “a business environment and pursued a model of service delivery which made such a collapse, if not inevitable, then at least a distinct possibility” as “the cheapest bid is not always the best”. “Yet companies have danced to the Government’s tune, focussing on delivering on price, not service; volume not value,” it read.

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Boeing Statement on WTO Ruling







WTO determines EU has refused to honor rulings on massive European subsidies to Airbus

U.S. authorized to seek billions in retaliatory tariffs on imports from Europe

CHICAGO, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The World Trade Organization (WTO) today in its final decision found that the European Union (EU) has failed to honor multiple previous rulings and has provided more than $22 billion of illegal subsidies to European aircraft maker Airbus. After examining this case for more than a decade, the WTO has determined the EU must end its unfair business practices and remedy the ongoing harm caused by the illegal subsidies.

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