So much for “unity”

This is absurd.
The Democrats did not have the votes to impeach my father, President Trump.
They already attempted to impeach him once, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, but that didn’t stop Democrats from putting on a show to appease their radical left-wing base and proceed with a trial in the Senate.

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The Government is Slacking on Brexit

The past 2 weeks have brought about a great deal of Brexit news, however, what we have seen from the Government is an unwillingness to act with any degree of urgency. There was one bright spot back on Sunday, February 7th, when the Government issued a scathing takedown of a fake news story about the level of goods flowing through UK ports. However, this light soon went out.

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London stabbings, BLM nonsense, EU in trouble (again) and Big tech bullying

The decision taken by this country to leave the failing European Union is looking wiser than ever, as the corrupt EU lunges from crisis to crisis and Britain’s brilliant vaccine roll-out – more than 16 million have now received their first dose! – proves the importance of being free to act in our own interest.

British consumers across the political spectrum are getting into the spirit of independence with one-third of Brits already ditching naff EU produce and buying British.

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