Automation to save NHS £12.5bn: Infosys Consulting Global Head of AI & Automation comments

Following the release of the Taxpayers’ Alliance report on ‘Embracing technology in health and social care’, which found that the NHS could save £12.5 billion by increasing automation and boosting productivity, Infosys Consulting’s Global Head of AI and Automation John Gikopoulos comments.

John’s comment (below) outlines how the NHS should strategise to adopt AI and automation – it’s not a silver bullet – and how these technologies are already making waves in healthcare, from efficiency in admin to diagnostics and even treatment.

John Gikopoulos, Global Head of AI and Automation, Infosys Consulting:


“AI and automation are becoming more prevalent in healthcare, and this report marks the turning point. Automation and AI will soon be a routine part of the patient journey.


“By next year, millions of patients with any condition will be supported by automation technologies, either as part of diagnostics, treatment, or administration. While this may be invisible to the patients themselves, healthcare providers from GPs to hospitals will reap the benefits of greater efficiencies, both in terms of costs and staff productivity. AI and automation will also give much better insights into health conditions and their treatment.


“Automation is not a silver bullet. From the outset, hospitals, trusts and surgeries need to have a vision and strategy in place. A common misconception is that artificial intelligence is seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, a sticking plaster to existing challenges an organisation faces.


“But the NHS doesn’t have the luxury of adopting this technology simply for hype, and approaching AI and automation in a piecemeal fashion won’t solve any problems. To make the most of the opportunities these technologies bring, the NHS must build automation and AI into its entire strategy – starting now.”