Bahrain Arrests Terrorists Planning High Profile Assassination














London, 27 March 2017: The Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Bahrain announced it arrested an Iranian-backed terrorist group that was planning to carry out terror attacks including the assassination of high-profile figures. The ministry said that 14 individuals had been arrested, 11 of whom are suspected of receiving overseas military training under the supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Iraq.

The security operations, which were carried out simultaneously at a number of locations in the Kingdom, followed wide ranging intelligence operations that monitored suspects’ travel to Iran on almost 70 occasions during a three-month period. The suspects were also monitored in Bahrain tracking senior security personnel movements and studying target locations.

Security authorities said that materials seized during the operations included automatic weapons, explosives, assembled bombs and bomb-making materials, and that evidence gathered during the raids implicated members of the group in a February bomb blast which injured five on-duty police officers.

In a television interview last night, Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Al Hassan, stated that the arrest was a result of a successful joint operation by Bahrain’s security agencies.  He added that terror cell was operating at an advanced  level and was targeting high profile figures in the country and a large number of security forces personnel. Additionally, it was also targeting vital areas in the country.
He went on to say that the weapons and explosives confiscated indicate the level of severity of attacks the cell was planning. The cell was also involved in the terrorist attack that took place on 26 February 2017 which led to the injury of five policemen.  Al Hassan concluded by saying that preliminary investigations have been completed and the case has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

The Public Prosecution stated that the Terror Crimes Department had already begun its investigation of the bombing of a police transport bus on 26 February 2017. It assigned forensic experts and sent them to the scene to gather evidence and has identified several suspects involved in the incident. At this stage of the investigation the Public Prosecution stated that the evidence points to the involvement of the terrorist group Saraya Al Ashtar (Al Ashtar Brigades) and other known terrorists currently outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. The evidence also indicates the suspects were involved in recruiting and training new members to the organizations and in gathering and storing caches of explosives and ammunition. The arrested suspects have been remanded in custody. Defence lawyers are currently engaging with the Public Prosecution and its  ongoing investigation.

Those arrested have been named as:

• Hussain Ahmed Abdullah Ali Ali, 27.
• Qassin Ahmed Ali Hassan Al Maliki, 23.
• Ahmed Ali Ali Al Shaikh, 26.
• Ali Abdulrasool Ibrahim Mohammed Abdulhassan, 29.
• Ali Jaffar Radhi Abdullah Abdulridha, 26.
• Ali Abdullah Ali Ahmed Al Banna, 32.
• Ammar Ahmed Abdullah Ali Ahmed Ali, 17.
• Hassan Ismaeel Ibrahim Ahmed Nasser Al Oraibi, 23.
• Ahmed Ali Mahdi Ali Hussain, 25.
• Hassan Ali Abduljabar Hassan Ahmed Al Hamar, 27.
• Ali Jaffar Abdullah Ali Ahmed Ali, 24.
• Yasser Ahmed Abdullah Ali Ahmed Ali, 25.
• Ahmed Jassim Saeed Mahdi Al Musawi, 24.
• Sayed Ali Mohammed Isa Hassan Al Musawi, 32.

The Interior Ministry also revealed that the terrorist group’s members are suspected of operating under the direction of two convicted terrorists, Murtadha Majeed Al Sindi and Qassim Abdullah Ali, both of whom are wanted fugitives believed to be in Iran.