Bank Robbers Off To Slovenia


Your money or your life – and be quick about it, I’m off to Slovenia

Looks like the bank robbers are moving on to Slovenia, Luxemburg and Malta after emptying the bank accounts of savers in Cyprus


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The full horror of the Great Cyprus Bank Robbery is only just emerging. Far from targeting Russian money laundering, the EUSSR and the IMF are stealing up to 80% of the life savings of savers who moved to Cyprus for their retirement. The domino effect is also only now emerging although several commentators voice concern that this would follow.

The latest countries where investors are about to be scalped includes Slovenia, Luxemburg and Malta. The Cypriot savers can’t move what remains of their money, but savers in these domino countries still have time to get their cash to safety outside the EuroZone.

This is taking focus away from the real horrors of Italy, France and Spain and the next round of disasters in Ireland, Greece and Portugal even though the Clown of Brussels is still shouting “Crisis – What Crisis?”

In the first few rounds of the Great Euro Crisis it was the organizations making loans to the Governments who suffered a severe hair cut. Now its small savers who are being scalped. In the next round they will be decapitated.


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