Become part of the Family – Leave.EU

The Battle has started, the game is officially in play, we have opened our doors to enable you to become part of our organisation. We already have 100s of people signing up to become part of history, part of the campaign that will lead the UK out of the European Union.

By becoming a member of our organisation you are playing a part in defeating the business elite that wish us to stay within the EU for their own benefit.
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan even the Governor to the Bank of England have stated their allegiance to staying in the corrupt state of disunion that we call the EU.

By becoming a member you will receive a certificate showing your affiliated member status of the campaign, and amongst other things, you will receive early bird invites and discounts off events.

To become a member call 0800 999 4210 and pay a £30 fee
*£10 concessions are available

Click here to download and complete your Member Application Form

Call: 0800 999 4210
and ask a member of our team about how you can become a part of Leave.EU