Beijing Biden’s dirty little secret

A lot of things became crystal clear because coronavirus, like how many Democrats are unwilling, in every way, to hold the Chinese government accountable for everything they’ve done to our country over the years.

Joe Biden is among the many Democrats who refuse to speak the truth about China’s lying, thieving, brutal, murderous, communist regime. Since Biden wants to be our President (but you can make sure this doesn’t happen), you and I deserve to know exactly why he goes to such great lengths to defend the Chinese government.


For all the ink spilled and time the media spent blabbering about President Trump being “compromised” by Russia, the truth of the matter is that Joe Biden is so totally compromised by China that there is no way America will be ok if he becomes President. There is a major reason Joe Biden is so soft on China, and that reason’s name is Hunter Biden.1


Peter Schweizer lays it all out in his book Secret Empires, and while I don’t have the space to go into all the details, suffice it to say that billions of dollars have gone straight from the Chinese Communist Party to Hunter Biden – during Joe Biden’s tenure as VP. How in the world would a President Biden be as tough on China as the President must be going forward when China can turn around and air all of the Biden family’s dirty dealings?


It is an economic and national security imperative that you and I get President Trump re-elected. China will likely be our biggest competitor and foe for the foreseeable future, and America must have a President that will put America first and hold China accountable.


This is yet another very important reason I need your support for our Get Out The Vote program, what we are calling the 2020 Patriot Project. We found the voters in each must-win swing state who came out for the first time in forever in 2016 – to vote for Donald Trump. Without these voters, we would be talking about President Hillary Clinton right now. Scary!


Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter said it perfectly recently: “We need to understand and accept that a vote for anyone with a “D” is a vote for Xi.”2


Are you able to chip in $100, $50, $25, or anything you can to help our volunteers get their handwritten postcards into the hands of these 2016 Trump voters? Are you willing to risk Beijing Biden becoming President? Furthermore, with the advantage he gets from his friends in the media, our real hope lies in voter-to-voter contact, and I’ve got the volunteers to do the work. I just need your help to get them the supplies.

For America,


Jenny Beth Martin