Betrayal, Conspiracy and the EU


The Three Dummies Hoping to retain power for their cartel

The General Election is 10 weeks away, and our campaign is steaming ahead. We were quoted in yesterday’s Daily Express condemning the EU for forcing the owners of golf buggies, mobility scooters and ride-on lawnmowers to take out full motor insurance, even though some of those vehicles are only intended to be used on private land.

We also condemned the leadership of the Church of England for publishing a 52-page pastoral letter which vilified Margaret Thatcher, free markets, suggested scrapping Trident, and bashed the government’s welfare reforms. Worst of all, the CoE urged Britain to remain in the EU and for deeper integration with Europe. Our exclusive blog on Breitbart criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the proposals which sound like “something out of a Socialist Workers Party manifesto”. We condemn these Church of England Lefty bishops – their slide to the Left is a betrayal of the Church’s conservative roots and as well as its congregation.

Speaking of betrayal, while we might complain about Labour’s record on unchecked migration from Europe, the Conservatives have proven to be no better. After all, it is now official: Cameron HAS failed to deliver on his pledge to slash net migration to below 100,000. The latest batch of official figures released yesterday by the Office of National Statistics – the last before the General Election – reveal overall net migration has reached 298,000. Cameron said “no ifs, no buts”, net migration will be in the tens of thousands BEFORE May, but it stands at thrice his own target! Nobody should be surprised about Cameron’s failure to meet his own targets, because if you have an open door to the EU there is no chance of controlling the numbers dashing through the door to Britain.

Our campaign was also present at a hearing of Eurosceptic-turned-Europhile William Hague by the European Scrutiny Committee. The Leader of the House of Commons was grilled about EU debates being stifled by the government, but Hague constantly evaded the questioning. There is no denying there is a conspiracy to avoid EU debates which are ‘hot potatoes’ and liable to embarrass the government as we approach the General Election. Our article is available via The Commentator link below.

We have regularly seen scaremongering by Channel 4, which last week produced an abomination of a “documentary” about the scenario of UKIP winning power. Even the BBC – the propaganda wing of the European Union – attempted to stir up contempt against UKIP as part of their general aim to make the public fear getting out the EU. We discuss this along with the launch of Global Britain’s pamphlet “The Scaremongers” produced jointly with the Democracy Movement, in another exclusive article on Breitbart.

A recent poll for ITV has shown more than half of the British population believe the NHS is overstretched due to EU free movement. Of course, if we can’t control free movement from the EU we can’t control demand for public services. While the advocates for remaining in the EU say free movement is good for our economy, demands on public services mean the government has to keep playing catch-up. This also means less housing available, less school spaces, and the government constantly struggling to reduce the deficit.

It is not only the Right calling for an In/Out EU referendum. Writing an exclusive article for Get Britain Out, John Mills, the Labour Party’s top donor, Chairman and Founder of JML, an economist, entrepreneur and political commentator, called on Ed Miliband to pledge an In / Out EU referendum if he becomes Prime Minister. With an increasing number of Labour MPs calling both for an EU referendum and an exit from the European Union, it is clear Miliband’s position on denying the Great British Public their say, is becoming dangerously unsustainable.

The business lobbying group Business for Britain also published ten proposals for EU reform recently. Our campaign refuted the very concept the EU can ever be reformed into anything fit for purpose. Our article for the Commentator explains why hopes for reform are just smoke and mirrors. Remaining in the EU will doom Britain to be powerless and robbed of our sovereignty. The only way something like the EU could work is solely as a Free Trade Area, which means NO European Parliament, NO European courts overruling our courts and NO unelected “government” in Brussels (the European Commission) imposing its agenda on Britain and Westminster.

Indeed, Business for Britain is not alone in pointing out how much better the British economy would be if we left the EU. Philip Davies, a veteran Eurosceptic MP sitting on the Conservative backbenches, has written an exclusive article for Get Britain Out setting out the economic case for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

We will continue with our battle, and welcome your support – as we all know our only option is to Get Britain Out of the EU.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad
Get Britain Out

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