B(etrayal)-Day 4 – 29/11/18 Project Fear #3 hysteria

The BREXITEERS are getting really desperate as the Whips warn Treason May could lose the vote on the Betrayal Agreement by more than 200 votes. Their solution is to ramp up Project Fear #3


The public Project Fear claims have been met with widespread derision as this failed tactic from 2016 is rolled out once more with even wilder hysterical claims.

Behind the scenes, in Parliament, the Project Fear ~3 claims continue to focus on the threat of a General Election and a massive win for Comrade Cob. That also seems to be receiving derision from MPs who are now sick and tired of claims that have been made frequently since 2016. Many realize that May could just resign, or be sacked, with the DUP again supporting the Tory Govt under a new BREXITEER leader. No need for a General Election until after a successful clean WTO BREXIT.

The bribery program appears to be going better for Treason May with faux ‘Brexiteer’ Leadson accepting a bribe to remain in Cabinet and support the Betrayal Agreement. It is understood that the other Cabinet ‘pizza’ rebels are holding out for more than the 30 pieces of silver Leadson settled for.