B(etrayal)-Day 49– 14/01/19 Treason May lying to the end

Tomorrow will see either the vote on the Betrayal Agreement, or it will be pulled once again on B-Day 50. Either way will see Treason May lying right to the end. It appears that she has asked the EU for a further extension to BREXIT Independence Day in the hope that something will happen to help her get her Unconditional Surrender Document through Parliament and there are stories circulating that she conspired with Mr Squeaker Bercow and the Tory quislings in the hope of stopping BREXIT completely.


Boris has launched a call for WTO as the preferred deal and it appears that this is now also being actively pursued by Brussels with covert talks between EU officials and WTO officials. Contrary to the lies scattered around by Remainers and Fake News, Full British WTO Membership again would provide for up to ten years of trade transition. That means that although the EU would lose all the huge British cash contributions, trade between Great Britain and the EU would continue on as before for up to ten years – more than enough time to agree on a mutual Free Trade Agreement, assuming the EU is still in existence.

What should be understood is that Britain was a founder member of the WTO and made strong contributions to developing the basis for smooth trading between countries. Britain was then forced to give up its seat so that it could be taken by the EU in the same way that Germany has been trying to force Britain to give up its seat on the UN Security Council. When Britain was forced to hand its seat to the EU, it remained subject to the WTO rules as did the EU. This is how Britain has been able to grow its non-EU export market to the point where up to 69% of all exports continue to be with non-EU countries under WTO rules. That means that when Britain leaves the EU it has 69% of its trade totally unaffected and the remainder bein in theory also unaffected because the EU is bound to WTO rules when trading with independent countries. On current trade predictions trade will grow strongly outside the EU while a reduction of trade with the EU is likely to fall away as Germany and other EU members slide into recession.

Once Britain has left the EU it will be free to sign trade deals with any other independent country and a stack of deals are there ready to sign with some deals, such as with Switzerland, all ready to go on day one. It means that Britain will be free to increase trading links with the parts of the World that are growing but it does not stop Britain and the EU agreeing trade with their shrinking markets if that’s what Britain wants. The only rider is that there is no rush because British negotiators will be up to their necks in completing deals with Commonwealth Countries, the US, China and much of the World outside the EU. There will have to be a flurry of little agreements with the EU as are already being put in place but the basic framework is already there in the WTO rules with its generous transition rules.

Given the strength of the British position it is amazing that Treason May is still trying to flog her Betrayal Agreement and and conspire with others to destabilize the British Constitution.