B(etrayal)-Day 5 – 30/11/18 Project Fear #3 hysteria deepens

Treason May is trying to ramp up Project Fear #3. Carnage Carney was wheeled out of his box to promise total economic melt down if MPs vote against the Betrayal Agreement and Treason May is off to Argentina to polish the turd (no not Argentina but the Surrender Document)


Each day more news of treachery oozes out. Treason May has now admitted that her Surrender Document only allows future British Governments to act on trade, tax, immigration, defence, health or anything else without the specific agreement of Eurocrats, so that there is no escape from the colonial terms she has agreed.

It has also emerged that Oily Robbins is now negotiating an extension  of Art 50 which will be extended until Fuhrer Merkel is installed as the first Executive President of the EUSSR.

EUSSR is urging the Ukrainians to take precautions against Russian invasion of the rest of their country. As the Germans take control of the new Euro army we can expect a lurch towards WWIII when they eye up the opportunities for grabbing Living Space in Russia. British troops are already deployed to the Ukraine under the process of moving towards a single Euro command.

It has emerged that Treason May turned down any idea of a Free Trade Deal with the US because she knew the EUSSR would not agree to an Anglo-American trade deal being signed