B(etrayal)-Day 8– 04/12/18 Who is the noose tightening around?

Treason May & her Cabinet have been accused of Contempt by Speaker Bercow. Is the noose tightening around her neck or is it just tightening around the British voters?


It has been obvious for months that Treason May has been consistently lying to Parliament and the Voters but it has taken till now for Parliament to wake up. The tipping point seems to be the Legal Advice sought by Treason May and which she then worked hard to cover up. It seems that Donald Trump is once again correct in his assessment of how Treason May is attempting to subvert the will of the voters. It is clear that she is guilty of Contempt of the House of Commons, but the real question is: –  What else has she been lying about? (answers on a thick legal pad please)

There appears to be a strong case for putting her and her Civil Servants on trial for TREASON. Parliament may try to move through the Contempt allegations and the Speaker’s ruling to a No Confidence Vote with the objective of triggering a General Election but this is just a delaying tactic. Tory MPs should put in their own No Confidence letters to their 1922 Committee to sack Treason May without delaying the process to a clean WTO BREXIT