B(etrayal)-Day 9– 05/12/18 May Minority Govt still trying to flog a dead horse

The May Government is now reduced to a small minority Government as it continues to flog a dead horse with its widely condemned Betrayal Agreement.


Parliament will continue on to the bitter end debating whether or not to become an EUSSR colony when it should be working hard to ensure the democratic mandate for BREXIT is carried out and that every effort goes into ensuring a great post-BREXIT success. It really cant be that hard for Tory MPs to find a backbone, sack Treason May and find a pro-BREXIT PM to lead the country forward out of May’s royal mess.

One bright point today was the announcement that Nigel Farage has joined the flood of UKIPPERS LEASVE(ing) UKIP. This could block the opportunities for BNP infiltrators from exploiting the widespread dissatisfaction amongst voters of all Parties with May’BlairiteToryism’ and Momentum Labour to add a new racist political Party to Parliament. The Farage resignation opens the way for the formation of a new BREXIT Party that would stop the growth of unaccountable professional politicians and quislings, ensure a true BREXIT, and have the fresh approach to return Britain to the global stage, well placed to as leader of democracy and free trade.