Blair Brown Regime On Trial



Peter Hain has resigned now that it has been announced that he is under investigation by the police. The Police investigation is at the request of the Electoral Commission, following their own investigation of Hain’s funding scandal. “Bottler” Brown will undoubtedly miss Hain’s unique contribution of incompetence which he has already acknowledged.

Deputy Leader Harman is now expected to be investigated for her own acceptance of proxy funding.

In Scotland Wendy Alexander (Labour Leader in Scotland) is expected to be investigated for illegal funds.

Additional members of the Blair Brown regime are expected to be investigated by the police, both politicians and Party staffers, as the scandal continues to expand and develop. Some commentators believe that more than forty Blair Brown regime members will eventually be prosecuted for electoral crimes and that further Cabinet Minister resignations will follow.

There are now suggestions that Blair may eventually be prosecuted for War Crimes, following condemnation of his performance in the ‘peace negotiating’ role created for him after he resigned as British Prime Minister. At the time of his appointment to this specially created role, some commentators point out that its primary objective might have been to protect him from war crimes indictments.


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