Boehner Steps Down!

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Mission Accomplished

John Boehner’s stunning Friday resignation announcement has implications beyond the House of Representatives – Establishment Republicans at all levels should take heed and … read the tea leaves (he he). Here’s a quick overview of the latest political news.

Hillary has a conspiracy theory about … conspiracy theories.
Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, and attempted to diminish the significance of her ongoing email scandal by shrugging it off as simply a “conspiracy theory.” Host Chuck Todd pressed her about the latest revelation that she apparently used her personal email for classified communications earlier than she had previously admitted, and Hillary became noticeably exasperated. Hillary’s approach to responding to criticisms of her exclusive use of a private email account while Secretary of State has consistently been to shrug and feign boredom – as if she cannot believe people are still talking about her blatant abuse of protocol. As history teaches, it’s not necessarily the scandal, but the principal’s response to the scandal, that dooms them – and Hillary seems not to have read her history.


Clinton Foundation struggling amid scandals.
What do the Pope, Elton John, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have in common? If you guessed, “None of them have ever been in my kitchen,” of course, you’re right. But the answer we were looking for is, “They all recently turned down invitations from the Clinton Foundation to attend a gala in NYC,” well, you would be exactly right. The Clinton Foundation is struggling to regain its footing amid Hillary Clinton’s never-ending scandals … or, as she might say, “amid the never-ending conspiracy theories.”


Behind Boehner’s decision to leave.
Tea Party Patriots has been calling for the removal of John Boehner from the House Speakership for over a year. We orchestrated a massive “Fire the Speaker” effort, including an online petition that has gathered close to 140,000 signatures. Our chief complaints against John Boehner were that he used his power as Speaker to punish conservatives, especially tea party conservatives, time and again, and that he repeatedly allowed President Obama to ram through his agenda (apparently forgetting that Congress is a co-equal branch of government).

On Friday of last week, our efforts paid off when Boehner announced that he will be resigning as Speaker of the House and also from his seat in Congress at the end of October. Politico provides a behind-the-scenes look at the 24 hours leading up to his announcement. Boehner says he did not want to put his colleagues through the experience of having to defend him – thus potentially making every GOP House election next year a referendum on Boehner, and providing fuel for the wildfire that would rage across the nation in GOP primary elections. We are pleased that Boehner is stepping down, and we look forward to our next fight – removing Sen. Mitch McConnell from his post as Senate Republican Leader. We will have more details in the coming weeks about this new effort we are mounting, but for now you can start by signing our new petition at

Boehner’s departure is a bad omen for Jeb Bush.
Boehner’s departure from Congress has sweeping implications, and one of the biggest losers from the unexpected turn of events may very well be Jeb Bush. Eight months ago, the former governor of Florida was raising money faster than any other GOP candidate and had all of the momentum on his side. But, as we have been reporting for the past few months, the summer produced some very surprising poll numbers that indicate that voters just aren’t all that into the Establishment. Consider this: based on numerous polls, the top three GOP candidates are Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, and Ben Carson. All three are “political outsiders.”

Boehner’s resignation announcement is part of the same anti-Establishment wave. Conservatives rallied behind Congressman Mark Meadows’ effort to oust Boehner, and, to the disbelief of political insiders, won! Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and other candidates who represent the establishment should take note.

Keep fighting for freedom!

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