Border Security Crisis, What You Can Do to Raise Awareness, and Other Things You Need to Know…

Enough is enough! Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer need to stop playing politics and make the deal with President Trump! How long are they going to allow this political game to continue. The crisis at the border is getting worse as thousands of immigrants come into our country illegally, costing the taxpayers more than $82,000 per illegal immigrant and endangering lives of both Americans and those crossing over illegally.

Democrats are continuing to spew the same baseless talking points. They call the wall “immoral” and downplay the crisis. The American people are not blind to this. They saw it months ago when the caravan carrying thousands of illegal immigrants — many with criminal records — made its way to our southern border. Americans see it when countless Americans are killed because of illegal immigrants who were never deported for their past criminal behavior. We see it when opponents of family separation overlook the staggering numbers of children being trafficked across the border so smugglers can pass through, thanks to loopholes in our immigration laws.

The crisis is real and Americans know it. Why are the Democrats refusing to look at what illegal immigration has done to our country?

Because of the recent emphasis on border security, we have set up a hub page that contains factual information and daily actions you can take to keep the pressure on Congress. During the partial government shutdown, we will be updating it often, so be sure to check our hub page, found at, every day!

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Ignoring the Crisis at the Border is Immoral!

Democrats who had previously voted for immigration reform are only calling the border wall “immoral” because they hate President Trump.

Please call Congress today at 202-224-3121, and be sure to share this on your own page as well, to keep the message going! #wallswork #buildthewall #stophumantrafficking


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Border Security NOW!

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