“Bottler’s” Band of Forlorn Hope


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister unelected, has woken to find Britain poised on the brink of a precipice due to his failed governance as Chancellor and then Prime Minister. He has decided to take a decisive step forward and reshuffled his Cabinet, bringing in a Band of Forlorn Hope.

During the Napoleonic Wars and earlier, the British Army employed suicide squads to force a way through enemy strong points. Thieves, deserters and other malefactors were given the opportunity to avoid punishment by joining the Band of Forlorn Hope. If they survived they were able to start afresh. Bottler has adopted a similar system by bringing back a collection of failed ex-ministers from the earlier years of the Blair Brown Regime. Some of this motley crew has been forced from office on more than one previous occasion.

For those who are mystified by this latest twist in the Blair Brown story, it might make more sense if it is viewed as a desperate attempt to spin their way to the next election rather than any serious attempt to address the rising economic disaster.


BSB Newsdesk

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