Breaking: Sen. Ted Cruz calls for criminal investigation of Twitter

Breaking: Sen. Ted Cruz calls for criminal investigation of Twitter.

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote a letter to the Justice Department and the Treasury Department on Friday urging a criminal investigation into Twitter for potential criminal activity related to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and sanctionable activities prohibited by Executive Order 13876.” (Daily Wire)

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This isn’t tied directly to President Trump’s criticism of Twitter this week … but it’s important to note as that story develops.


Sen. Cruz had written to Twitter earlier this year to express concern about the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and related executive order — and what he has alleged are Twitter’s violations of it.


The key point for Sen. Cruz: Twitter is reportedly “providing social media accounts to Iranian persons designated as Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs).”


And, as he explains in his letter, he had asked Twitter to address the “two specific and active Twitter accounts belonging to individuals designated pursuant to E.O. 13876 – Ali Khamenei (@khamenei_ir), the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, and Javad Zarif (@JZarif), the Iranian Foreign Minister – and called on Twitter to come into compliance with United States law by ceasing to provide services to these individuals.”


You can read Sen. Cruz’s entire letter to the Department of Justice here.

Big Tech leaders have secret plans to support the Biden campaign.

Four Silicon Valley billionaires are reportedly digging deep to fund digital campaigning efforts for Joe Biden. According to Vox’s Recode, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt have ambitious plans to overtake President Donald Trump’s lead on digital campaigning.” (Newsmax)

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President Trump’s digital campaign is light years ahead of Joe Biden’s … but now Silicon Valley tech leaders reportedly want to change that.


The highlights include investments in campaign technology start-ups, improvements to voter data, and support for voter registration projects, according to Newsmax. That’s alongside “‘building trusted media channels with peer-to-peer elements’ and ‘content that has a journalistic flavor,'” as Fox News reported.


But it’s difficult to track their plans exactly because the four billionaires named are reportedly “moving their pieces with varying levels of secrecy, and often with minimal disclosure, scrutiny, or accountability.” (Recode)


This isn’t Silicon Valley leaders’ first foray into political campaigning — or boosting a Democratic presidential candidate — either.


Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, “advised” President Obama’s 2012 campaign “on digital operations.” And, in the 2016 election, he helped back a start-up to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign technology. (Quartz)

Biden continues to have problems with young voters as College Democrat chapters speak out against him.

College Democrat groups nationwide are voicing their opposition to Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee. Speaking with Campus Reform, the groups all cited the sexual assault allegations against Biden by former Senate staffer Tara Reade.” (Campus Reform)

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Both major political parties rely on college groups to boost their candidates and get out the vote on college campuses.


But this year, College Democrat groups across America aren’t falling in line to support Joe Biden. After Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden — which he has denied — young voters in the party have started to have concerns.


This is a story to watch for the 2020 election. Remember: 40% of Democratic voters under 45 want a new nominee for their party. (Morning Consult)


When President Trump says drain the swamp, this is what he’s talking about.

“Former aides to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars this year as registered lobbyists on coronavirus-related issues and legislation […] At least seven ex-Pelosi aides, including her former chief of staff, senior counsel, and senior policy adviser, have registered as lobbyists on behalf of dozens of companies seeking benefits from coronavirus-related legislation.” (Washington Free Beacon)

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Former staff of Speaker Nancy Pelosi are reportedly working hard to get their clients part of the coronavirus relief legislation funding — which is the plain language of lobbying on their clients’ behalf during a time of massive government stimulus and funding.


When President Trump says “drain the swamp” of Washington, D.C. culture, this is what he’s talking about’!