Calamity Clegg Rides Again, Falls Very Badly



The three crucial British elections really kicked off last night with the Party Leaders Debate live on Sky News and LBC. The public decided that Nigel Farage, Leader of Ukip, had wiped the floor with the temporary LibDem Leader Calamity Clegg.



At the end of the debate, both Ukip and the LibDems thought their man had won, but the British voters made the real decision and awarded it very convincingly to Nigel Farage. It says much about the LibDems that they thought Clegg had won – yet another case of lack of LibDem judgement!!

Calamity Clegg issued a challenge to debate EU membership with the leaders of the other Parties. Clueless Cameron and Weirdo Milliband both decided not to participate – so two runners broke legs before even leaving the stable!!

Cameron said he was too busy running the country to bother about anything as trivial as Britain’s continued membership of the EUSSR. Milliband simply avoided the invitation. Not surprising as neither the LibCons nor the Labour Party have been able to decide anything on Europe and just want to quietly continue with the policy of decline introduced in 1946 by Labour and followed by all Tory Governments, with the honourable exception of the Thatcher Administration.

Nigel Farage accepted the invitation as the Ukip leader, a Party far ahead of Calamity Clegg’s Lib Dems in the opinion polls and the real polls at by elections. Farage has frequently said over the last twenty years that he would be happy to debate Europe with anyone, but it was still an honourable decision to accept the LibDem challenge. Calamity Clegg obviously thought that he was falling so far behind Ukip that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain from a debate on any subject. He was also confident in the Westminster support and preparation he was receiving at public expense from Civil Servants and politicians who all wanted to continue enjoying the European gravy train.

In fairness to Calamity Clegg, he did give an outstanding Westminster Bubble, professional politician performance. He avoided answering questions, tried to answer questions that had not been asked, and lied through his teeth. It was the Westminster Bubble arrogance and state of denial.

Nigel Farage answered all questions put to him, including some that were intended to insult him. The only weakness was that he so convincingly wiped the floor with Calamity Clegg he could have lost some support for the underdog. The opinion polling following the debate does not however show anything but rising support.

Following Calamity Clegg’s abject performance there will probably new jokes circulating about dead parrots at the expense of the LibDem ruptured parrot logo.

Clueless Cameron and Weirdo Milliband may come to bitterly regret their cowardice in not participating in the debate. As the Establishment had gathered round Calamity Clegg to carefully prepare him for the debate at taxpayers’ expense, they obviously hoped that their man would win and they could ignore Ukip, confident in the knowledge that if Clegg failed, the defeat would not rub off on them. After watching the debate live or from tape, Clueless and Weirdo must have felt growing unease. Having read the newspapers, seen and heard the broadcast comments, and seen the scale of Calamity Clegg’s defeat, they must now be wondering where to go. The probability is that Clueless will continue placing the telescope to his blind eye and exclaiming ” I see no Ukips”. Weirdo Milliband will probably keep his fingers in his ears and loudly proclaim “La La La”.

The real change could well be amongst the voters who have now seen that there is an alternative to the LibLabCon collusion in ignoring the voters and continuing to give away the remaining bits of sovereignty to the Eurocrats in Brussels.

Nigel Farage was able to demonstrate that he listened and tried to answer questions directly and honestly. This is a practice that in British politics had been thought extinct.

By contrast, Calamity Clegg sailed on regardless, in a state of denial, and with a total contempt for his audience. One classic example was his use of an old Commons Library report that had estimated the percentage of Brussels inspired Westminster legislation as being somewhere between 15% and 50%, inclining to the higher figure. As this report was made before the major donation of British powers in the Treaty of Lisbon, (where then Prime Minister Gordon, of Cartoon, Brown tried to arrive for the signing late in the hope he would not be recorded on film in this act of treason) it would naturally have estimated less than the 84% currently believed by German politicians and the 70% claimed by the Eurocrats, who are demanding an increase to 95%. The Ukip estimate of 75% is therefore modest under current estimates. Calamity Clegg could simply have quoted the Commons Library at its lowest estimate of 15% and hoped that no one would bother to look at the report or consider the growing number of current estimates placing Eurocrat control over British legislation at more than 80%. In the event Calamity Clegg could not resist lying and misquoting the report at 7%. Clearly, the arrogant professional politician thought everyone too thick to catch him out in his blatant lie.

Apart from trying to avoid answering questions and attempting to answer questions that had not been asked, Calamity Clegg relentlessly ploughed on with his “Ukip would pull up the drawbridge” claims. It looked faintly ridiculous the first time but totally ludicrous as he repeated the claim many times. Nowhere has there ever been any evidence that Ukip under Farage would ever completely seal off British borders. Ukip has regularly said that a sensible immigration policy is needed to ensure that Britain can draw in the people with skills that Britain needs and to ensure that the national infrastructure is able to cater adequately for all people inside its borders. Clearly, EUSSR membership prevents that sensible policy because Brussels will tell Britain what it can and cannot do, as it does in virtually every aspect of British life, even down to directives on straight bananas, square tomatoes and racial purity.

LibDems must be engaging in deep soul searching and it is uncertain whether Calamity Clegg will still be LibDem leader in time for the next debate with Farage.


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