Call to Action: Call your Representative and your Senators and tell them to fund the wall NOW!

Last night, President Trump spoke directly to the American people about the reasons we need a wall along our southern border as one component of border security, national security, and a more pro-America immigration policy.

This morning, I was on a briefing call with Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials. Vice President Pence went over some of the statistics about drug addiction and deaths, and violence against women and children that President Trump mentioned last night.

But he also delved into details about the humanitarian crisis that doesn’t just affect Americans. VP Pence spoke about the incredible uptick in adults arriving with children and unaccompanied children arriving on their own – a trend that America has never seen before.

20,000 migrant children were illegally smuggled into the country last month alone. But what struck me the most about what he told us was that American officials now have evidence to show that many of these children that arrive with one set of adults are being “recycled” back out of the country to be used again by other adults.

Do the Democrats care at all about these children?? Or about any of the other victims of open borders?

The time is NOW and we have the momentum, so please help get us over the finish line by calling your Representative and both of your Senators and demand that Congress agree to President Trump’s request to fund the wall and to fund better border security!

To contact your members of Congress, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be transferred to each office. (NOTE: You will need to call the Capitol Switchboard each time to be transferred.)

Please note, I know that some of you live in districts and states represented by radical open-border Democrats and it feels like calling is a waste of time. I promise you that it is not a waste of time. When their offices see an avalanche of support for the wall, they will need to re-think their unwillingness to negotiate because they are worried about 2020.

VP Pence also stated that the Democrats walked away from the negotiating table, even as the President was attempting to negotiate in good faith, and they will only come back to the table if they feel enough pressure from their constituents. Please make these calls today!

Special Facebook Live Broadcast at 5:15pm ET Today

Also, please tune into our special Facebook Live today at 5:15pm ET, where I will go over more of what I heard on the briefing call this morning. You can access it by visiting our Facebook page or going to

Lastly, below my signature, I’ve included some quotes submitted by some of our supporters through the survey we sent out yesterday. Let’s get this done, NOW!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin


Quotes from Supporters

Going back to President Reagan, the Democrats have NEVER kept their promises for funding border security—that’s why President Trump and Republicans HAVE TO HOLD OUT through the shutdown to obtain what they need! Compromise is acceptable, BUT DO NOT GIVE DEMOCRATS ANYTHING WITHOUT THE WALL!!!!!

I was an Earth Moving Engineer and I know walls work. We made walls in Iraq. I was in charge of the wall makers, and they worked.

If we are to have anything to offer those who wish to come here, we must make sure we will have something left to offer!

Protect America first so we can have legal immigration where these people can benefit America and be protected also.

This is a problem that has languished long enough. I fully support the President’s action and am fully convinced a wall would be beneficial where it makes sense along with other measures.

We need the wall for America’s security. Walls work, they are NOT immoral. What IS immoral is ignoring the deaths of Americans, the drugs coming in over our border, along with human trafficking of individuals, untested individuals with diseases that are infecting our citizens.

He is right to do this push for the border wall. Thank you for aiding in getting this done.

A wall is desperately needed to secure our southern border. This should have been done a long time ago. Very thankful that this president is doing what is necessary to protect this country. Build the wall!!