Call to Action: We want a second opinion & more!

It’s inspiring to see so many of our fellow Americans resisting actual tyranny, especially this week, as we commemorate those Americans who paid the ultimate price to protect and defend freedom. From churches announcing that they’re not going to follow discriminatory restrictions any longer, to the hair stylists and barbers making their stand on the lawn of the Michigan state capitol, Americans are pushing back!


Sign our Second Opinion petition demanding a second opinion on the virus, on the lockdowns, on all of it. We do not consent to being oppressed by a few bureaucrats and so-called “experts.” This is America, after all.


Sign our Balance the Pain petition urging President Trump to support legislation to cut the pay of government employees by 20% during this crisis, so that bureaucrats and elected officials are not insulated from the consequences of the decisions they are forcing on everyone else.


Fill out this survey if you haven’t yet, about good stories and successes that are happening in your area. Or, if you filled it out once, but have a new success story, fill it out again. If you are a business owner that has recently been able to reopen, or you are an employee that has been able to go back to work, or you are a customer that has been able to shop or dine somewhere, we need your stories!


Senate Republicans are going to need a lot of support to stand firm against state bailouts. The media is going to go all out to pressure Republican Senators to cave to Nancy Pelosi’s demands. They must hear from their constituents to stand firm. Call (202-224-3121) with the messages:

  • No state bailouts
  • YES on a payroll tax holiday


We’ve been working to help Dr. Simone Gold launch her organization and project, “A Doctor a Day.” She will interview a new doctor every day to promote the fact that there is not just one opinion among America’s one million licensed physicians. Please share this website and the videos on social media and email it to your networks.

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin