Calling Small Business Owners, United We Will Prevail, and some inspiration

In this difficult economic time for our country, we are already hearing countless stories of small business owners who are suspending their operations or, in some dire cases, even shutting their doors permanently. Our economy is fueled by entrepreneurs and small businesses. In an effort to play a role in mitigating the effects of this economic slowdown, we at Tea Party Patriots Action would like to provide a database of some of our favorite small businesses that we can support during this time. If you have a small business in mind for this project, please use this form to share details.


The Coronavirus is the topic of conversation on the minds of nearly every American this week.


We must use this opportunity to inform our younger family members about our history; America will respond, and America will prevail.


President Trump has taken decisive, necessary action to help stop the spread of this deadly virus, along with supporting healthcare workers nationwide. His first action to stop travel from China occurred in January, when the media and others criticized him for it, even going so far as to say it was racist. Now, of course, everyone agrees that President Trump’s quick decision bought us weeks of time and greatly slowed the spread of the virus.


From restricting travel from areas of the world heavily impacted by the virus to clearly communicating the risks, and encouraging all Americans to practice social distancing for at least the next two weeks – the Trump Administration is on top of the response. American companies are busy administering 10s of thousands of coronavirus tests daily, and both treatments and a vaccine have entered the phase of human trials.


However, this seemingly isn’t enough for Democrats and the Mainstream Media, who, instead of working for the American people, are using this time to attack the Trump Administration. They have spent the past week literally promulgating the propaganda broadcasted by the Communist Chinese Party!


Instead of focusing on what they can do for the American people, they have attacked the President for saying the virus originated in China… which is a FACT. They have called the President racist and xenophobic – their favorite, go-to slur – instead of focusing on how we can come together as a nation to fight this virus.


And where did they get this line of attack? From the Chinese Communist Party, who have thrown out American reporters from China and are using their authoritarian control over the media to falsely blame the American military for bringing it to China.


It is absolutely absurd that in a time of crisis, we have elected official and mainstream media outlets siding with the Communist regime to wrongly attack our President, rather than getting accurate information out to the American people that could save lives.


Their actions are shameful, putting personal politics above the health and safety of the Americans they represent. But, we really don’t expect anything different from the left. We hoped it would be different, but we aren’t surprised that it’s not.

ICYMI: Democratic political groups are funneling money into ads politicizing the Coronavirus to attack President Trump.


This is unacceptable.

Politicizing the Pandemic: Will Dems’ Dark-Money Ads Work?

The coronavirus election is here with all of its vast unknowns, but so far President Trump is fighting it with one hand purposefully tied behind his back…

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Instead of things that drive us crazy, we thought we’d share uplifting stories for a while.


While it seems like we as a nation have been receiving nothing but the constant droll of lousy news, there are still some inspiring stories that haven’t been getting enough coverage.


Like this man, for example.


Meet Bob! Before the Coronavirus outbreak, Bob went to visit his wife of 67 years at the nursing home every single day. But, after the outbreak began, Bob was told he couldn’t go into the nursing home, because of fear of spreading the virus.


That posed a problem because Bob and Nancy were supposed to celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary this past week. But, the Coronavirus wasn’t about to stop Bob from celebrating with the love of his life.


So, he made a sign that said, “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary!”


He stood outside with the sign and called out to Nancy’s second-story room, where she responded by waving from the window and blowing him kisses.


Amid such terrible times, it’s nice to hear of inspiring people like Bob doing amazing things.