Cameron announces block on all online pornography


Peddling hard to stay ahead of UKIP, Clueless Cameron tries another soundbite without substance

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“Reminiscent of Vince Cable’s kneejerk and reactionary comments on content policing, the coalition have issued yet another half-baked solution to internet regulation, by blocking pornography in every UK household unless otherwise requested by the bill payer.
“David Cameron’s clampdown on porn, borne out of the most painstaking investigation into paedophilia the UK has ever seen, coupled with the convictions of some of the most prolific sex offenders, is at best, more misguided regulation by those who don’t understand it and at worst, a cynical ploy to appease a public who feel betrayed.

“Forcing search engines to block access is wholly ineffective, simply because the types of image targeted in this announcement are invariably shared over private networks and not found by a simple image search. Blocking current search terms will only lead to new ones being used – the offenders will offer a constantly moving target.

“History shows us that they will be quicker at keeping this target moving than law enforcement will be at catching it. To say that pornography is ‘corroding childhood’ is extreme. Having criticised the previous government for operating a nanny state, this reeks of hypocrisy. The fact that there is plenty of widely-adopted filtering software readily available means that internet users are already acting autonomously in policing content in their own homes.

“Similarly, it doesn’t tally with the view of the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, who concluded that whilst social networks such as Twitter ought to exercise common sense, it is ultimately not up to them to act as web police.”

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