Cameron Announces War on Pensioners


Clueless Cameron has announced a new War on Pensioners.


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Clueless Cameron is trying to turn the generations against each other. He was recently incensed to find that some pensioners are actually managing to buy heating and food. This profligacy has got to stop!!!

The first stage is to invite pensioners to give up their pensions and age-related benefits. The second stage is to force them to give up their benefits. Initially any home owning pensioner with a home worth more than £40,000 will be expected to sell and move into a care home, paid for by the proceeds of the house sale. When the money runs out they could be moved into NHS care on the Liverpool Pathway where food and water is banned and the victim left to die.

Second stage will be to expand the Court of Protection Rackets activities in seizing pensioners’ assets. Today the Court of Protection Rackets is sitting on over £2 billion pounds of pensioner assets taken from pensioners who now languish in care homes that include some of the worst available where inmate abuse is routine.

The Court of Protection Rackets will also increase the number of people tried in their absence, for attempting to protect relatives from abuse, and handing out secret prison sentences.

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