Cameron Tries to Smear Farage Again


Farage is unfazed to learn that some 300 years ago his many times great grandfather fled the oppression of the Spanish Netherlands to seek asylum in Great Britain

The latest surge in UK Independence Party support has prompted Cameron to again attempt to smear UKIP Leader Farage, but then, if you can’t compete on policies, the smear campaign is all that’s left.


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Clueless Cameron desperately trying top find something he can attack Farage with.

Things are pretty desperate when all “Greasy” Cameron can think of to attack the rising popularity of Farage and UKIP is to accuse him of sleeping with the enemy (Farage’s wife happens to be German) and “smear” him by focusing on Farage’s ancestry as a Belgian defector.

If the nationality of a politician’s wife was critical, many Westminster MPs, Ministers and shadow Ministers would be forced to resign. Why Farage married as he did is a matter between him and his wife, but having married a German rather destroys Cameron’s other smear claims that Farage is a racist English bigot.

Farage is like a great many Britons in having foreigners in his family past. Long before the Blair Brown Regime tried rebranding their apartheid policies as “Multi-culturalism” and use it to attack all opponents, Great Britain had welcomes waves of immigrants who were fleeing oppression in the States making up what is becoming the EUSSR. The welcome mat has become worn out after the Blair Brown Regime deliberately encouraged millions to move to Britain in a very short period, overwhelming schools, housing, health care, and all other services, but Britons still have an open mind and a soft spot for helping those in genuine need. So having a Spanish Netherlander in the family tree is unlikely to present any problems for Farage, but does highlight the racist nasty party traditions of clueless Cameron.

Cameron is also missing the point once again.

The overwhelming majority of Britons now believe that Britain must break free from the shackles of Brussels just as Farage’s own ancestor sought freedom from oppression. However the relationship of Britons to the EU is measured, there has never been a majority enthusiasm for the European Projekt. When given the voice of a referendum, many years ago, Britons voted for the false promise offered than that EU Membership was just about joining a Common Market and trading with Britain’s European neighbours. As the lies of British politicians have been exposed through the growing understanding that the European Projekt is really about building, on the model of the old USSR, an undemocratic, oppressive regime that has as its primary target to refight World War Two and defeat the hated Americans, the majority in favour of leaving the EUSSR has been steadily growing, but that does not account for the growing popularity of UKIP.

UKIP is being increasingly seen as a democratic political Party that opens its doors to all reasonable people and is not tainted by the continuing flow of political scandals as professional self-regarding politicians seek to benefit themselves and hold the electorate in contempt.

The Conservatives will attempt to frighten the electors with claims that UKIP will cost more than 50 Tory seats and let in the discredited Labour Party who will then complete the work they nearly finished in 2010 of destroying Britain economically. That’s a call for voters to back a failed old Party on the proposition that, if they vote UKIP, they will really be voting for an even worse failed old Party.

The reality at present is that UKIP is drawing more votes from former Tory supporters, but it is also drawing votes in increasing numbers from Labour and the hated LibDems.

If UKIP does come first in the European Parliamentary elections next year, they will have demonstrated that it is possible for them to win a Westminster Election even under the first past the post electoral system and the Labour rotten boroughs that Clegg’s LibDem wish to perpetuate and which make LibDem and Labour votes worth more seats than Conservative votes. In many Labour Northern strongholds, each Labour vote is worth more than two Conservative votes in seats across Southern England. The interesting factor is that UKIP could motivate a host of no-voting Northern voters to turn out and vote UKIP, requiring UKIP to draw few previously committed voters for other Parties, because the electoral vote in the rotten boroughs is so small.


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