Camoron Calls Emergency Meeting of COBLERS


Distraught Camoron calls an emergency meeting of COBLERS, the Tory committee to consider serious threats to the Tory faction of the LibLabCon Party.

The defection of former Tory MP to Ukip is serious enough in itself because he has demonstrated that at least one serving MP is a person of honour who considers service to the voters his duty rather than a desire to make himself wealthy at the public expense and support an unaccountable ruling elite. However, the real threat is that more Tory MPs are poised to defect and this could start a run with an even greater number defecting than has already been suspected. Carswell could be starting a new fashion.

Modeled on COBRA, the Government security committee for producing a load of old cobras, COBLERS is a designed to meet whenever there is a threat to the Tory faction of the LibLabCon Party on the same basis as COBRA which meets when the Government sees danger but doesn’t have a clue.

Might have been more productive to return from holiday to consider the very serious threats to Great Britain posed by IS and the Russian Nazi invasion of the Ukraine.

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