Can you guess which one isn’t a socialist?

There are no “centrists” running in the Democratic primaries. No matter what the media tries to say as they prop up their preferred candidates, you and I need to make sure that the American people know the truth.

The media and the left are trying to sell candidates that want the same policies as Bernie Sanders – socialized medicine, totally open borders, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, American subjugation to other countries, obliteration of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and more – all while assisting the lie that these other candidates are “moderate.”


That’s why I need your help. Just like in 2016, our activists will reach out to voters in critical states and districts through various methods like text messaging, postcards, and phone calls, making personal contact to explain how extreme these so-called moderate candidates truly are, and how dangerous they will be for America.


While President Trump’s accomplishments are incredible, you can’t underestimate the power of the mainstream media and the lies they will repeat over and over again. And, honestly, you can’t believe they won’t try to cheat.


I want to start the outreach to voters as soon as possible, and I can, with your support of only $25 or $50 today. Why wait until the media’s lies take hold? You and I can get the truth out now, together.


Don’t let the Democrats and their friends in the media get away with pretending they like America, or freedom. They don’t, and Americans need to know it!

Thank you for all you do!


Jenny Beth Martin