This is a time to celebrate – but our work is not finished yet












As we celebrate the anniversary of the referendum I want to say a massive “thank you” to every one of you who helped us win last year’s referendum, and – as supporters of Change Britain – campaigned for MPs and Lords to respect the referendum result and vote Article 50 through Parliament.


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Fake news has manipulated the UK’s political landscape, cyber security experts say

Still a long way to go to equal fake news from the BBC and other Fake News Media, but cyberspace is beginning to catch up & may be balancing leftist propaganda

Majority also believe that they have personally been affected by fake news

London, UK, June 23, 2017 DomainTools, the leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, today announced the results of a survey which found that 91% of cyber security professionals believe that the UK’s political landscape has been manipulated by fake news. When asked if they thought that they had personally been affected by fake news, 61% agreed that they had. When asked who they felt is the most susceptible to fake news, the majority agreed that their children are most susceptible (28%) followed by their parents (26%), grandparents (25%) and colleagues and friends (21%).

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Leave.EU – The Soft Brexit Con Begins


Theresa May put together a new cabinet this week following her poor showing in last Thursday’s general election. The Prime Minister has been left weakened by her failure, so Brexiteers like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, and David Davis have survived intact. But Leavers shouldn’t rejoice. Major promotions have been handed to Remainers Damian Green and Gavin Barwell, who are now First Minister of State and Downing Street Chief of Staff respectively.

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Cold War 1945-1991, Berlin Blockade, Soviet Chokehold and the Great Allied Airlift 1948-1949


The publisher has built a solid reputation by releasing a number of series of military history books with a high photographic content. This series promises to become as popular as the well-established Images of War series and similarly makes use of rare photographs, with full colour sketches and drawings to augment the photographs. The Cold War effectively began in 1945, but the Western Allies initially responded passively to Soviet expansion. The Berlin Blockade marked a new stage in the war and the Allies struck back brilliantly – Strongly Recommended.



Get Britain Out’s OWN Election Roundup


We would first like to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in west London this week. The response of our emergency services, in particular the fire brigade, police, ambulance service and of course all the medical staff, has been amazing and of course, this is ongoing. We would also like to pay tribute members of the public who have donated or volunteered in the wake of this dreadful fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are involved with this truly tragic event.


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