Civil War: Labour Internationalists Versus Stop the War

Civil War: Labour Internationalists Versus Stop the War

by Guido Fawkes


Jezza’s attendance or non-attendance tonight at Stop the War’s fund raising party tonight is the cause celebre of the chattering classes. Pitting Guardian reader against Guardian reader, comrade against comrade.

Despite a lot of pressure Guido is pretty certain Jezza will join the coalition of commies, trots, pacifists and haters of Western democracy tonight. The likes of Tristram Hunt, Caroline Flint and Emma Reynolds have called on him to cancel his appearance at the event, after the Green MP Caroline Lucas and Peter Tatchell the human rights campaigner have become critical. 500 Labour party members have backed a new group,Labour Internationalists to provide a vehicle for supporters of a “progressive foreign policy” that defends rather than blames Western liberal democracies. Basically bombing baddies rather than giving them a sympathetic platform.

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