Class War Attacks and Smear are failing

Gwyneth Dunwoody 2799804

The late Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody MP a rare person as a highly respected MP and at the time of her death the longest serving Labour MP.

Desperate Blair Brown Regime by-election strategists are thrashing around for a new strategy as the original plans appear to be increasing the Conservative lead in opinion polls.

Scottish Prime Minister UNELECT Gordon “Bottler” Brown’s great master plan was to ignore the normal decencies following the death of a Member of Parliament that set a by-election date for six months after the death. Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody was a much respected Labour MP who had served her constituents well and demonstrated an independent and common-sense approach to politics even though being a member of Labour “royalty”. She deserved nothing less then the normal respect in setting a date to elect her successor.

“Bottler” thought the way to bounce a win against public opinion was to set the earliest possible date, shortly following the funeral, and parachute failed Welsh MP Tamsin Dunwoody in as his candidate. Although Tamsin is the daughter of the late MP, she has very different views of politics.

This strategy was to be followed by GB£3 million of bribes in the form of reducing the damage caused by the 10p tax fiasco.

The electors of Crewe appear to have responded by increasing support for the Conservatives. They have also rejected attempts to portray the Conservative candidate as a “toff” and a “rich kid”. This was always a potentially high risk ploy because Tamsin is by far the better example of rich kid toff and the people of Crewe and Nantwich appear to be rather more interested in policies than in out-dated class warfare and dishonesty.


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