Climate Change Lies Exposed


In what may be the greatest deception of all time, a small band of fanatics have initiated a programme of propaganda that is costing countries around the world billions of dollars. They have created a major new industry which some of them have been accused of personally profiting from.

During 2009 and 2010, a number of climate change scandals have emerged to seriously question what was becoming accepted wisdom and what can only be described as a new religion based on the theory of Global Warming.

What has been demonstrated is that a small number of individuals have taken unsubstantiated speculation in magazine articles, fake science and distorted research data to promote a theory that promised a melting of glaciers in thirty years, the disappearance of ice in the polar regions, widespread famine, inundation of the worlds population centers by rises in sea levels of tens of meters, global conflict and a host of other major disasters.

The great danger is that the developing backlash could lead to real risks being ignored as the global population comes to distrust all “scientific” research and theory.

The UN is desperately trying to protect its widely discredited climate change committee that was established to advise governments, and whose members also appear to have made money personally by advising commercial entities on the exploitation of government policies they helped to create. There are a growing number of calls for members of this UN group to be replaced. At this stage moving the deck chairs on the Titanic will cause more public resentment. The only productive and logical approach would be to disband the discredited group and start again. If the real purpose is to genuinely review climate change and offer potential solutions to anticipated risks, it would be logical this time to appoint people who have genuine scientific backgrounds and specific proven knowledge and expertise in climate science. Appointing railway engineers and political activists is no way to approach serious problems that demand serious solutions.

The most unfortunate aspect of the climate fraud is that it has attempted to adopt a range of programmes for change as part of the War on Global Warming. That could well lead to genuine programmes being smeared by the actions of the Climate Fraudsters.

No one can deny that climate is not constant. It has been subject to change since the Earth developed an atmosphere and began its development to the point where it could support life. During the history of the Earth, it has been subject to periods of extreme change as it has warmed and cooled, warmed and cooled, in a series of cycles. Climate science is a very new discipline that is still finding its way. Reasonably detailed climate data has only been available for a few decades, the earliest reliable data is only a few centuries old, and early data covers only a few isolated locations, with the performance of some early monitoring equipment being questionable. One of the major influences on climate cycles was first observed less than one hundred years ago. The jet streams were then lost to science for twenty years before being partly re-discovered in 1944. In the last four decades, observation of jet streams has become very effective and a cornerstone in route planning for high altitude commercial aircraft. However, prediction of jet stream location is still a very short term science and 2010 has demonstrated that predictions of jet stream patterns, made in January for the mid part of the year have proved wildly inaccurate. Any attempt to predict their position decades ahead is currently not even a dream of climate scientists. A similar situation exists with the study of ocean currents. Detailed studies did not begin until nuclear submarine deployment demanded a detailed knowledge of the ocean floor and the temperature layers up to the ocean surface. It is now accepted that the action of ocean currents and jet streams has a major effect on the atmosphere sandwiched between them. What has yet to be understood are the factors that influence the strength and direction of currents and jet streams.

Great strides have been made in developing climate knowledge, but it is widely accepted, amongst real climate scientists, that the urgent priority is to develop a significantly greater pool of verified data, including historic data recovered by drilling ice cores and examining rock formation, fossils and other sources of historic information. Without a great advance in this knowledge, it is not possible to authoritatively define climate cycles, some of which spread over periods of thousands of years, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. The general level of accuracy in weather forecasting demonstrates an equally urgent need to improve this area of short term climate prediction. Since the development of the cult of Global Warming, weather forecasting has become less accurate. It has been alleged that this is the result of modifying weather forecasting computer models to support the Cult of Global Warming. Whether this is the case, or whether it is just coincidence remains to be seen, but the most inaccurate forecasts have been produced by the British Met Office, which has developed strong political links with the now discredited University of East Anglia climate change group. Even the academic white wash of this group could only observe that the inquiry did not believe that the group’s series of wildly inaccurate forecasts were malicious, but a result of incompetence, lack of organization, loss of data, secretive behaviour and deeply held, but unsubstantiated, beliefs. That review was taken as a “vindication” of the group and a reason for not sacking anyone. This is hardly the basis of restoring confidence in scientists, because most people would assume that a scientist must be competent, careful, meticulous, honest, questioning, apolitical, and preserve all data and methods of interpretation.

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