Constitutional Crisis for Britain


“Bottler” Brown expected to receive a caning when he attends an Audience with the British Head of State, HM The Queen on Tuesday May 19

The casual vandalism of the Blair Brown Regime has done much to seriously weaken the British Constitution and create the economic crisis that is so deeply affecting Britain. It has now moved to Constitutional Crisis and total melt-down as MP sleaze affects confidence in Britain.


Speaker Martin seen across Party lines as a serious threat to Parliament and the Constitution

“Bottler’s” crony, and fellow Scottish MP, Speaker Martin, has been responsible for turning what would have been a major scandal into Constitutional Crisis. By fighting tooth and claw to prevent MP’s expense frauds and errors to be exposed under the freedom of information legislation, he has created the situation where a daily newspaper has begun a process of leaking the information slowly over weeks, producing universal revulsion amongst taxpayers and encouraging a lynch mob environment that could destroy all remaining confidence in the Parliament.

The reason for attempting to conceal the horrors by this very partial Speaker, at considerable expense to taxpayers in Government legal costs, is very simple to understand. Although the scandal affects MPs across Party lines, the overwhelming offence has been from Blair Brown Regime MPs and has included many Ministers with Brown and a number of Cabinet Ministers amongst their numbers. This betrayal of taxpayers is unprecedented. It is necessary to go back to the English Civil War of the mid Seventeenth Century to find any close parallels and a situation where a sitting Speaker has to be removed.

General Oliver Cromwell’s address to the Parliament that he was closing could have been delivered today with equal applicability and force.

An overwhelming majority, in opinion polls of voters, demands an immediate General Election to clean out Parliament and to start again.

Although that outrage is understandable, the most pressing task is for each Parliamentary Party to deselect every MP who has been involved in the most serious offences and who may in any event be prosecuted in the future. Without that stage, the electorate cannot be presented with a reliable choice of candidate at election. “Bottler” Brown’s attempts at a slow “official and independent” review and whitewash will only increase the risks to democracy.

The crisis has demonstrated that major reforms of Parliament and its payment systems are urgently required, but that can only be achieved by a new Government that has purged undesirable individuals, who sit in the current Parliament, before fielding carefully vetted candidates in the next General Election.


Nigel Farage, Leader UK Independence Party is seeing huge and growing support ahead of the forthcoming European and Local Government Elections and is likely to end up in second place, close behind the Conservatives. Could The Forth of June become British Independence Day?

One opinion poll shows the UK Independence Party in third place and rapidly gaining on Brown’s discredited Labour Party. The Liberal Democrats are in forth place and the national socialist BNP is gaining on the Lib Dems. This is concerning because the forthcoming European Elections are held under a Party List Proportional Voting system that could see the BNP winning a number of seats for the first time. Less concerning is the rise of the UK Independence Party, because a strong UK Independence Party near, or on, equal terms with the Conservatives as second or joint first British representation does not automatically mean that it would achieve the same result at a British General Election, it is a moderate party that offers some very sane policies around its principle policy of withdrawal from the European Constitution and Union, it would strengthen a Conservative (British) Government’s resolve in dealing with the Eurocrats in Brussels. Equally, BNP gains in the Euro Elections are unlikely to be repeated in a British General Election where the first-past-the-post electoral system is employed.

“Bottler” Brown may be advised by HM The Queen to tender his resignation to her and call a General Election, but is likely to resist this to enhance his pension and expenses accounts by continuing until he is forced to call a General Election in 54 weeks time, inflicting further pain on the taxpayer through his incompetent and venial Regime.

Technically, the Monarch could demand his resignation and/or that of Speaker Martin but is unlikely to place the Monarchy in direct confrontation with the majority Party in Parliament. However, Her Majesty has been known to give advice that is irresistible and Monarchy is the only part of British Constitutional system of Government not to be tainted by the incompetence and sleaze.

Even if Bottler Brown bottles it and fails to force Speaker Martin to resign, support for a cross-party coalition to enter a vote of no confidence in the Speaker could dismiss him. He is expected to fight on because his gold plated pension would be tarnished and he would lose months of generous expenses claims. He may believe that he will also lose an automatic Peerage but it is increasingly unlikely that he will be able to look forward to draining public funds as a Member of the Lords, even though previous Speakers have been elevated to the Upper House when they cease as Speaker.

The very real danger is that Brown and Martin will hang on to the bitter end and more scandals will leak as they do so, increasing the mood for lynch mob justice amongst the electorate. Already, the taxpayers are confusing the greedy with the criminal. Very few MPs can claim to be completely untainted, but only a handful appear to have committed crimes of theft or fraud. There should be distinction between those MPs, who have deliberately set out to deceive the lax expenses system in acts that appear to be simple criminal acts to gain personal advantage, those who have stretched the system close to criminality, those who have taken advantage of poorly audited expenses beyond moral decency, those who have made simple errors through incompetence and those who are rare examples of ethical and moral behaviour. Already, those who have committed deliberate deception are attempting to hide behind the simply greedy in the queue to pay back ill-gotten gains.

The existing claims advice to MPs is very simple and states that expenses can be claimed where they are wholly necessary to the performance of the MP’s duties.

Most MPs have clearly made claims that are outside this advice although a calm review of what has happened may show that the majority have asked for advice from those administering the expenses system and made small claims that may have some vague element of justification. A much smaller number have been very greedy and failed in ethical behaviour but claiming where they must have realized that the claims were outside the advise and for sums that look excessive to any normal person. It is only right that the greedy and the naive should speedily pay back the money that they should not have claimed.

Then there is the start of criminality. There MPs who appear to have claimed for a number of identical items that not only are not required in the performance of their duties, but where it is most unlikely that a single item would not have provided a full service life. An MP claiming four or five high cost televisions in a few months is almost certainly being fraudulent, if at the lowest level of fraud, and undeniably being extremely greedy. In this category, but creeping into the next category of serious deception, is the money claimed by Bottler Brown for gardening and apparently paid through his brother to their mutual advantage. Some will argue that this is in fact direct fraud and definately a criminal act. The honourable act would be for the individuals to resign immediately from Parliament, although that might not exempt them from eventual prosecution.

Further up there are those who have ‘flipped’ their second homes in an attempt to deceive for personal gain, allowing them to play the property market. Several Cabinet Ministers appear to have made fortunes in this way. This may not be something that a fraud jury would convict on, but it is an act that should result in the MP being sacked, or forced to resign, immediately.

At the top there are what appear to be blatant criminal acts that involved large sums of money. Those who have claimed for mortgages that no longer exist are defrauding the taxpayer. Those who have claimed a property as a second home for expenses and as a first home for tax liability have clearly defrauded the taxpayer in one or both cases. Any other citizen would immediately spend time assisting the police in their investigations and facing criminal prosecution with the prospect of a custodial sentence.

Those who can be prosecuted for criminal acts should be and the fact that they might have paid back the money they took should have no implication other than as pleaded mitigation at sentencing.

Finally there is the unique situation of Tony Blair who has conveniently had his expenses claims shredded. As co-author with Bottler Brown of the corrupt environment that has developed, some serious attempts should be made to reconstruct the claims and any supporting receipts.

The Metropolitan Police and the Prosecution Service are establishing a team to review investigation and prosecution of the most blatant crooks in Parliament. Unfortunately, that is likely to further taint all MPs by association. If it results in very low electoral turn outs this could create circumstances similar to those in Germany during the early Great Depression when Hitler was voted into power with his Nazis.

It is looking increasingly likely that the UK Independence Party will prove part of the solution, drawing votes in June and allowing the main parties to begin the deselection of sleazy MPs and the appointment of untainted candidates ahead of a British General Election. The treat to the other Parties is that a rapidly strengthened UK Independence Party could prove so attractive that it is able to at least become the Official Opposition in the next British Parliament.

Would that be a bad thing?

Probably not.

A strong UK Independence Party in Europe and in Britain would ensure that the British electorate is not denied the right to vote for or against the European Constitution. The vote is most likely to be against, as in every other European Member State where the electorates have been given the opportunity to express their views on the European Super State and its arrogant Eurocrats with their own sleaze. It could trigger a genuine debate throughout Europe on the form of co-operation between European countries in the Twenty First Century and replace the current model which is a product of the mid Twentieth Century.

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