Cops Called as Top SNP MP Quits Over Property Scandal


Scottish Nazi Party has been enjoying the opportunities of power without accountability but all bad things have to come to an end some time

Cops Called as Top SNP MP Quits Over Property Scandal
by technoguido

SNP MP Michelle “17 houses” Thomson has withdrawn from the party whip after police launched an investigation into her scandal-hit property deals. The investigation comes after the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal struck off her solicitor for professional misconduct. Thompson was involved in all 13 of the dodgy property transactions for which Christopher Hales was struck off, with the tribunal ruling that the MP had a “central” role in transactions that should have “set alarm bells ringing”.

In one of the transactions Thomson’s business partner Frank Gilbride bought a house from a great-grandmother being treated for skin cancer who was desperate to move closer to her children for the knock down price of £64,000. On the same day the house was sold, Thomson bought the house from Gilbride for £95,000, then received £28,181.80 “cashback” from him.

Scottish sources have been warning for some time that this scandal is about to blow up. This won’t be the last you hear of Michelle and her “17 houses”…

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