Coronavirus Coup

Will this ever end? This effort to undo the 2016 election? Are you as done with this as I am?

The left is shameless! They will stop at nothing to overturn your 2016 vote, this time exploiting a pandemic and the economic devastation that has resulted from the lockdowns.


For instance, blue-state Governors and legislatures that have spent decades overspending now want the rest of the country’s taxpayers to bail out their bankrupt pension funds, using coronavirus as the excuse.


Leftists are also all too happy to keep your church and small businesses shut down, and they tried to shut down gun stores, while, of course, keeping Planned Parenthood open.


It isn’t unreasonable to question leftist Governors’ and Mayors’ enthusiasm for keeping their citizens locked down. It isn’t unreasonable to question the leftists in Congress and their efforts to spend, spend, spend, and insert radical, left-wing policies into recovery bills.


You and I fought back against the Russia Collusion Hoax, impeachment, and a variety of smaller lies and stories created to destroy President Trump. And now, it looks as though we have to fight leftists in government at all levels from using the virus as the vehicle for yet another coup attempt.


I promise you this: I will not rest while the left continues to illegitimately remove President Trump from office. One thing that Tea Party Patriots Action is working on is helping to reopen America, to reopen our communities in a safe and responsible manner that balances health and livelihoods. You and I cannot let leftists make decisions that harm Americans and our livelihoods in their constant quest to harm President Trump.


Are you able to help me defend the President and reopen America safely? If you are able to sacrificially give – and I know that it may be a sacrifice for you and your family, and it breaks my heart to know this is the case for millions of my fellow Americans – a gift of $100, $50, $25, or whatever amount you can give, would make it possible to fight back against the left’s efforts to use the virus as their next coup attempt.


Thank you for all that you are doing – your prayers for our nation, for our President, and for standing with me time and time again to put America First so that our kids and grandkids will know a free and prosperous America.

With deep gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin