COVID-19 Call to Action

This week, we are asking you to take some action on the COVID-19 issue. First and foremost, please take appropriate precautions for you and your family, and stay safe and healthy. And, if you are able, please help a small local business by ordering some take out, or buying groceries from them, etc.

We are halfway through the 15 day “slow the spread” period that President Trump announced a week ago. This is good! Please take a look at the White House’s “15 Days to Slow the Spread” document; it’s an important resource for you and your neighbors.

Action Item #1

Pray. Pray for those that have contracted the virus and those who have died. Pray for all of the countries affected. Pray for President Trump. Pray for America, that we come back stronger after this. Pray for the people whose livelihoods will be lost. Pray that people don’t panic. Just pray.

Action Item #2

Visit and share our new COVID-19 Response page. We’ve collated basic info (federal and state-specific) and have a downloadable, sample letter you can customize to drop off at your neighbors’ houses about helping each other and working together. We’ve also posted a list of the top ten activities you can do while stuck at home. Check the page often as we will be updating it with other items that we hope will strengthen you, your family, and your community during this emergency.


Action Item #3

Finally, please tweet your member of Congress and your Senators with the following two VERY important messages:

  1. Stand firm and DO NOT give into the Democrats’ demand for universal vote by mail! The risk of election fraud is too great, and even more, this is NOT the time to fundamentally change our voting system – in a coronavirus relief bill! Tell them, don’t let the Democrats hold Americans hostage for their far-left election schemes!
  2. Get back to DC to take their votes rather than using unanimous consents to pass bills! We are talking about trillions of dollars and the American people deserve accountability. We need to know who votes for what so that whatever the outcome of the legislation – good or bad – we know who voted for and against it. And, of course, if your member is in quarantine and they cannot go for that reason, that is an acceptable reason. Otherwise, they should be in DC!

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin