Crazy Gordon – European Constitution


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect

Crazy Gordon spotted by the electorate.

The Blair Brown regime thought they had got away with it by claiming that their promise to hold a referendum on the European Constitution no longer applies because the European Constitution is now called a Treaty.

A recent ICM opinion poll shows that the electors are not only able to see past this sudden maneuver, but are very angry to be cheated in this way.

Even those who previously voted for the Blair Brown regime express an overwhelming opinion, by 80%, that they demand a referendum. The figure for all electors demanding a referendum is shown as 82%, while 88% of Conservatives demand a referendum. 23%, of those admitting to have previously voted for the Blair Brown regime, even claim that they will vote for the Conservatives if they are denied a referendum.

This Crazy Gordon has achieved one major first – almost totally uniting the cross section of voter opinion against the Blair brown regime.

Dan Xavier

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