Crazy Gordon – The Non-Election


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown calls a non-election

In one of the most breathtaking Crazy Gordons, Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown crunches the gears and performs a handbrake turn, tyres smoking, and pieces falling off his vehicle.

Ever the swaggering playground bully, Gordon Brown and his henchmen have spent weeks briefing journalists and talking up his planned ‘snap’ election. Government has been paralysed as the Civil Service has been told to clear their desks in preparation for the dissolution of Parliament, prior to a General Election. HM The Queen has been confined to the London area so that she might grant Brown an audience and call the dissolution. Brown’s propagandists have been busy telling us that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were about to be wiped out, leaving Brown’s national socialists as the only political party in Britain. Brown flew to Iraq for a pre-election photo opportunity and the re-announcement of his plans to withdraw British troops.


David Cameron has begun to prosper since he decided to ditch the wilder ‘green’ policies of his friend Zac Goldsmith and concentrate on policies to reverse the failures of the Blair Brown Regime

Then up steps young David Cameron and biffs him on the nose. Brown rushes crying for matron, blood pouring from his nostrils.

Sources close to the Scottish Prime Minister reveal that he may have to be fitted with prosthetic limbs. Apparently, he has been closeted with his henchmen watching television, reading ever more discouraging poll results and has bitten his nails back to the elbows.

This should not come as a surprise to political commentators. The reality of Gordon Brown has always been at odds with the Brown portrayed by his spin doctors. Brown has always had difficulty in reaching decisions. Fortunately of the British economy, he chickened out of running it as a Chancellor of the Exchequer and sub-contracted that part of the job to the Bank of England, which has maintained the economy even against the tax raids conducted by Brown.

As Chancellor, Brown has introduced a long line of stealth taxes and overly complex legislation that has hidden some of his worst offences.

His efforts at political engineering have seen the percentage of workers employed by the State rising at the expense of wealth creating jobs in commerce and industry. Not only has he tried to move people to financial dependency on the Government, but he has significantly increased their pay and given them lavish pensions funded from taxation.

When he talks of being a ‘conviction politician’ he should be talking of being a convicted politician and there is a wide selection of offences that he could be brought to account on.

In raiding the pensions of Britons to the tune of £100 billion he has dwarfed the crimes of his old friend Robert Maxwell, who raided the pension funds of his employees before taking a one-way dive off his super yacht at sea. Brown’s depredations have almost completely destroyed the Final Salary pension schemes, which most British workers had traditionally looked forward to. Generations of pensioners will now be forced to face an impoverished future.

He has been an activite party to the removal of civil liberty and some of the most sinister constrictions have come since he was appointed Prime Minister. In particular, the new powers to allow a huge number of government and quazi-governmental bodies to access the phone records of every citizen without any scrutiny have taken totalitarian rule to a new level of control.

At no stage has he had the courage to stand up and declare his political belief in big tax and big spend by an all-powerful State that will take all decisions for the citizens and intrude into every corner of their lives.

Most dramatically, his inability to reach clear decisions and his preference for dithering and nail-biting has been demonstrated by his relationship with his co-conspirator Tony Blair.

Originally Brown was the senior partner in this Laurel and Hardy partnership. Through indecision, he was progressively edged into the position of junior partner. Today, he claims that he had nothing to do with the ten years of national socialist government under Blair. The reality is that he schemed to stage a palace revolution and each attempt at a putsch failed because he lacked the ability to reach decisions and carryout plans. If Blair was an erstwhile Hitler, Brown was his Goering, party to all policies and an active perpetrator, to the extent that his spin doctors tried to portray him as the real Prime Minister ruling Britain, with Blair as some kind of President charged with managing the presentation of Brown’s government.


Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond could benefit greatly from two more years of waste and indecision by a Blair Brown regime in its final throws

The sad consequence of the last few days is that Brown has declared he will hang on at least until 2010 before calling a General Election. This will increase demands for a referendum NOW on the European Constitution Treaty. We can also expect to see the elected Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond making further gains in Scotland at the expense of the English as Brown desperately tries to buy votes in Scotland. A further consequence is that he has made himself every bit as much a lame duck Prime Minister as Blair did when he announced that he would fight no more elections.


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