Crazy Ivans and Crazy Gordons


In the days of the Cold War, British and US hunter-killer submarines tailed Russian missile subs in a cat-and-mouse game – expected to return soon to an ocean near you. The quiet hunter-killers were able to tuck in behind the Russian subs in a sonar blind spot. To detect and shake the stalkers, Russian captains developed a system of sudden course and speed changes that became known as Crazy Ivans, not so much because of their unpredictability, but because they were dangerous evolutions that could result in the hunter crashing into the Russian sub.


Gordon Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect

Politics have just acquired Crazy Gordons. Scottish Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been performing sudden and illogical evolutions in an attempt to throw off scrutiny. The first Crazy Gordon was denial of his involvement in the Blair Brown regime for a decade when he was responsible for many of the most disastrous errors. An interesting maneuver that seems to have confused the news media. Somehow Brown expects us to believe that he, and he alone, was responsible for a golden economic age, that started four years before he became Chancellor, but that this miracle was performed without him being involved in any way in the Blair Brown regime.

The political correspondents may be thick Gordon – but pull the other one.

Dan Xavier

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