CRUZ on Day Seven of Senate Impeachment Trial

After More Than 30 Hours of Arguments, It’s Time to Acquit the President

The American people have heard from the Democratic House Managers and the White House’s defense in a fair and open trial in the Senate.

And now, it’s time to acquit President Trump.


Even California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein admitted that in November, we will have a presidential election and the American people will render their own judgement:


“Nine months left to go, the people should judge. We are a republic, we are based on the will of the people — the people should judge. That was my view and it still is my view.”


After months of a one-sided show trial in the House, the Democrats failed to prove their caseThe two Articles brought against the President fail on their face. They don’t allege high crimes and misdemeanors.


For Democrats, this is all about undoing the results of the 2016 election and undermining the 2020 election. They’ve been determined to impeach President Trump since day one.


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Quid Pro Joe?


The Democrats have inadvertently made this entire case about the very real evidence of corruption concerning Hunter Biden and Burisma, one of the largest and most corrupt natural gas companies in Ukraine.


Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma despite his lack of expertise.During this time, Vice President Joe Biden served as the Obama administration’s self-appointed point-person for Ukraine policy.


When a Ukrainian prosecutor launched an investigation into Burisma, Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid unless and until that prosecutor was fired.


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BOTTOM LINE: It’s now time for every Senator to answer the question of whether or not a President can investigate corruption.


And the answer must be yesThe President has both the authority and responsibility to investigate corruption.


That’s why at the end of this trial, President Trump is going to be acquitted.


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If Democrats Get to Call John Bolton, the White House Will Get to Call Their Own Witness


Democrats rushed their Articles of Impeachment through a sham, one-sided show trial.


Now they’re expecting the Senate to clean up their mess, claiming the Senate must hear from even more witnesses and evidence.


[Let’s not forget: the Democrats already called 17 witnesses during the House proceedings – compared to the zero witnesses the President was permitted to call.]


Despite what you will hear from the Democrats and their friends in the media, the Senate has overwhelming evidence to move to final judgement and acquit the President of these bogus charges.


If the Senate decides to call witnesses, we must allow for reciprocity.


As Sen. Cruz said on the Ben Shapiro Show:


“I do have a high level of confidence that if 51 Senators choose to go down the road of calling more witnesses, that we will see the President able to call a Hunter Biden and other important witnesses to demonstrate the innocence of the President of these abusive charges that the Congressional Democrats have brought against him.”


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