Defending America

It has been an honor to see the work being done at the CPAC conference. We are building a strong team that will be able to ward off those who seek to promote an America-Last Agenda and control us into submission using the levers of big government.

We must be united in defense of our liberty and God-given rights!

Freedom is what this country was founded upon, and I can assure you that I will be on the front lines standing up to their radical agenda, no matter what fake news the corporate legacy media tries to spread. But I can’t do this without the help of patriots like you…

Can I count on you to help me save our nation?
It seems the only way we can stop the power-hungry Democrats from taking away the rights that we enjoy in this country is by making our voices heard and joining together.

This movement takes all of us, and I am hoping that I can count on you to help me stand up for our American freedom.

>>Rush in $20<<

>>Rush in $35<<

>>Rush in $50<<

>>Rush in another amount<<

Putting our American values first, in the face of the extreme left who are working as we speak to destroy all we have built, will not be an easy undertaking. But I know that together, we will be victorious. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Governor Ron DeSantis