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The British people face a monumental change as a result of the European Constitution which was signed by Foreign Secretary Milliband and (privately in the absence of cameras) by “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect. The whole process of sneaking the European Constitution through, after it was firmly rejected by the French and Dutch citizens, and should therefore have been dropped for at least a generation, is deeply unpleasant and undemocratic. The situation is even worse because, once the Constitution has been ratified by all Parliaments, the covert protocols will be announced and the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will have been created.

The situation has come about because a political elite have had to admit that they are incapable of selling their vision for the EUSSR to the people of Europe. Their lack of courage and honesty is deeply concerning and has not been seen in Europe since the 1930s. Their lack of trust in, and respect for, their electorates should be fully reciprocated by those electorates.

The duty of democratic protection has fallen to the minor political parties in Europe, who are demanding what the citizens of Europe have been demanding – A right to vote on the creation of a new federal super state.

The UK Independence Party has just issued a call for funds to support a case brought before the British courts on behalf of all Britons, whether they favour the creation of the new super state or wish to prevent it.

“As most of you know by now, Stuart Bower, a UK Independence Party member has issued a summons against Prime Minister Gordon Brown for breaking the implied contract between the Labour Party and the electorate about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The case will be heard at 10.30, Thursday, 7th February at Brighton County Court.

Funds, unfortunately, have become the bedrock of the British Judicial system. We are now requesting any donations that you feel you may be able to make in support of his case.

Also, unfortunately again, time is of the essence. All funds will be ring-fenced into a separate account controlled by a UK Independence Party solicitor who is volunteering his time. When it is over, any excess monies will go to the UK Independence Party’s central funds.


Please send cheque donations to:


UK Independence Party, Head Office, PO Box 408, Newton Abbot, TQ12 6UT


Or telephone on 0800 587 6 587 to make a credit card donation.”



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