Democracy or Un-Democracy?


Dave Cameron has followed the model of the late Brian Clough, appearing to listen and then doing something very different. Having spent a large part of 2011 extolling democracy in Libya, he has been busy denying democracy in Britain.


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Britain needs a British Spring to sweep away the three old failed Parties that have blighted the once democratic Britain.

It is easy to see why Cameron, Clegg and Milliband have enthusiastically joined together in coalition to three line whip their MPs in tomorrow’s debate on EU Membership against the overwhelming will of the electors. They know that a political revolution in Britain would end their easy living while the people who elected them have to tighten their belts. They put the Fat into Fat Cat. They are completely interchangeable and share a sneering distain of the people who voted them into their soft overpaid jobs.

It remains to be seen how many Labour and Conservative MPs will defy their leaders and vote for the people they represent.

Once the undemocratic MPs, and those too weak to stand up to the bullies, are known, a British Spring should target them and see that they are never elected again.

The vote tomorrow is unlikely to accord with the wishes of the British people, but it may mark the start of a real fight for democracy and an end to an unaccountable political elite.

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