Destruction of Democracy

Has broadcasters’ greed seriously damaged British democracy?

It has emerged that Sky TV blackmailed British politicians into agreeing to a televised presidential debate. It appears that Sky told the parties that if they did not all agree the LimDems would be given three 90 minute solo Presidential broadcasts.

This overlooked the fact that Britain does not have a President, the Head of State being HM The Queen and the Prime Minister being her First Minister. It also overlooked the fact that Britain has more than three political parties.

The broadcasters soon began excusing their errors by claiming that they were only giving time to those politicians who stood a chance of forming a government, overlooking the fact that the LibDems at the time stood no chance of forming a government or even being part of one.

In contrast the Scottish Nationalists are already in government in Scotland and forming an alliance with the Welsh Nationalists.

Then the performance of political parties at the last national elections showed the UK Independence Party in second place behind the Tories and ahead of the Labour and LibDem Parties.

Giving the Leader of the UK Independence Party equal billing with the Tory, Labour and LibDem leaders could have given them a huge boost as the only Party Leader not tainted by scandal and the expenses issues.

The broadcasters placed themselves in a position to engineer an election which is seriously worrying.

To compound the dangers, postal voters will be casting their votes before the final interviews and Party presentations. This means that they may be unfairly influenced before they can see questioning of political claims.


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