Did you vote for this??

Unbelievable. I mean, this is just surreal. In September 2018, a supposedly senior official in the Trump administration published an anonymous op-ed in The New York Times, claiming to be a part of a “resistance” inside the administration.



This coward has now written an entire book to be released in November, and again, published anonymously, and it’s going to be up to you and me to fight back against this violation of our right to choose our own leaders.

I’m sorry, but do you remember voting to hand power over to a bunch of unelected government employees? Do you know where it says in the Constitution that the salaried, unelected employees of the government are the real source of power in America?


Opponents of President Trump often accuse him of violating “norms,” and they give that as their justification for betrayal and even their violations of the law.

We – you, me, our kids and grandkids – and our President, are up against something much bigger than we thought possible. Our government is not just broken, it’s rotten. And the rot goes so deep and is so protected by the radical left and the mainstream media, that the only hope we have to beat them in this war is to stick together and fight.


Please help me fight this war against the Deep State (that the liberal media now admits exists!), and for our founding ideas and our Constitution. Can you chip in just $25 or $50 right now to stand firm against this madness?


I promise you this: I will never give in, and I will fight against this twisted distortion of our country and our government. My twins are teens and there isn’t a thing on this earth that will keep me from fighting for their futures. You can join me in this fight today, and together we won’t allow the Deep State or the left to win. Ever.

For freedom and our Constitution,


Jenny Beth Martin