Diplomatic incident endangers Global Ocean Race team lives

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“Clubby the seal”, the mascotte on board “Financial Crisis”, last night
went off on a violent rampage after reading a media report calling him a
“soft toy”. The Global Ocean Race team of Marco Nannini and Paul Peggs
feared for their lives as they were held hostages for hours on their racing
yacht after the seemingly innocent looking seal lost its temper over the
media slander.

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Yesterday just after 1800 hours we all sat in the cockpit to read the news
of the day, one particular email from Global Ocean Race Communications
team sent Clubby in a fuming rage, we had to use the Category zero
watertight doors to separate ourselves from the evil mammal, who run
around shouting bad words and yielding a stanley knife. It was not until
much later that Paul managed to sedate Clubby with a bottle of J&B.

“I am not a toy and especially I am not soft” declared Clubby the seal in
a drunken statement. “Chuck Norris grew up with a poster of my
father in his bedroom to inspire him to be a tough man, I come from a city
where many would die after a night out clubbing” coninued the mascotte’s

Paul and Marco have managed to regain control of the yacht just before
midnight, reporting stable following winds and good progress. Clubby the
seal was nursing his hungover this morning and was unavailable for further

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