Don’t let conservatives lose

In recent special elections, you have seen liberal candidates winning upset victories thanks to super-charged Democrat voter turnout and shenanigans.

That’s why your Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund gift today is so impactful! In addition to providing urgent funding to hard-core conservative candidates who need help, we also provide the grassroots energy and activism that makes the difference in close races. Your Tea Party donation right now will help us:

  • Make five million volunteer phone calls urging voters to support conservatives;
  • Send one million hand-addressed letters and postcards to voters in key states;
  • Knock on 250,000 doors to have meaningful conversations with swing voters;
  • Make 12 million “robocalls” with hard-hitting messages to turn out our voters;
  • Mail one million traditional voter-contact pieces exposing left-wing politicians;

You can see our growing list of endorsed pro-liberty candidates here, but rest assured EVERY dollar of your contribution will rally conservative voters to support pro-Trump, pro-borders, pro-Constitution, anti-tax conservative fighters!

Our republic hangs in the balance, and the stakes are too high to just sit on the sidelines, so please make your Tea Party Patriots Citizens gift ASAP.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

P.S. Many conservative candidates are being outraised 2-1 by their liberal opponents. They can’t spread their messages and rally conservative voters to the polls if they are getting swamped by the Pelosi-Schumer left-wing money machine! Help by making a Get-Out-The-CONSERVATIVE-Vote donation today!

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