Don’t Retreat – Reload


Hussein Obama tried to hang the recent Arizona shooting around the necks of Republicans in the same way he tried to tie the blame for an oil rig disaster around the neck of multi-national oil company BP – in the latter case it turned out that the major blame should have gone to two US oil companies and the Obama Administration who have all so far failed to pay up for their errors.


Hussein Obama has proved to be good only at making false claims and demonstrating a strong anti-British and anti-American attitude.


Way to Go Sarah – Keep Kenyan President Hussein Obama firmly in your crosshairs

Sarah Palin has reloaded and come out shooting after Hussein tried to lay the blame for a shooting at her door. Perhaps more people who have been victims of an attempted Hussein slur should note the advice – Don’t Retreat – Reload.

Having been elected on a raft of lies and misplaced hope, Hussein has set about trying to bankrupt the US and destroy its alliances. Perhaps British Prime Minister Cameron should strike back after a series of anti-British slurs. One excellent step would be to pull all British troops out of Afghanistan and let Hussein’s new Best Friend, vertically challenged French President, to provide French troops and funding.


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