Draining the Swamp – Why Treason May should go now

There are so many reasons why Treason May should resign or be sacked as PM and also go as an MP. There are some very very strong reasons for a manageable list. Hope the spinless Tory MPs take note.


1. No Prime Minister should remain after lying to Parliament, the Voters, and World Leaders for more than two years. It is amazing that Treason May has got away with this contempt for Parliament, the Voters and her own Party for so long and the blame has to be shared amongst all Tory MPs for failing to sack her.

2. No Prime Minister should be allowed to hide vital information from MPs that would demonstrate the level and depth of his/her TREASON.

3. No PM should be able to attempt blackmail of her own MPs by presenting legislation to Parliament under threat of calling a General Election that would make matters even worse. Again, all Tories MPs must share the blame for failing to neutralize the threat by sacking her.

4. Even if the Betrayal Agreement was removed from the Parliamentary schedule, there is no prospect of Treason May being able to negotiate with anyone to recover the dire situation. She has no credibility with any world leader. The extent of the mess she has made is such that only a new Prime Minister can chart a new course to freedom and prosperity.

5. Tory MPs must sack Treason May before she can  do any more damage and select a true BREXIT PM to take Britain successfully into a WTO deal. Only when that deal is in place can Britain negotiate Free Trade Deals to enhance the basic WTO Deal. That can include negotiating a deal with the European Union (which is more in their economic interest than no deal). They are most unlikely to be able to do this quickly and their record suggests a best time of several years, during which time the EU may have ceased to exist.

6. The focus has been on trade and the fake Irish border issue. The real reason for the BREXIT vote in 2016 was sovereignty. Treason May clearly does not support sovereignty which is why she has negotiated on behalf of the undemocratic EU. She has proven that she will never change her position whatever the voters and Parliament say. Only a new PM prepared to put sovereignty first can hope to seize all of the opportunities BREXIT offers and mitigate any negatives. A sovereign nation is able to negotiate with any other sovereign country, decide dynamically what level and form of immigration can be supported at any time, can set taxes, invest in defence in the best way, make any social decisions necessary in the true interests of his/her country and make any appropriate laws to protect the vulnerable and the law abiding – in short: serve the British people, not rule them on behalf of a foreign power.

7. The above are reasons in the national interest but Tory MPs should also consider the real Party interest. If Treason May is still Conservative Leader and PM at the next General Election the Conservatives will be wiped out. That should be the secondary consideration after the primary reason of national interest in serving the voters.

8. The Tories should not fear a Leadership Election because that is under their control. There is no reason why a new Leader could not be appointed immediately (after all Treason May was anointed not elected) and one viable option would be to sack Treason May and appoint David Davis as an interim Leader and PM, pending a democratic Party election campaign after BREXIT but before the next General Election. So far 100 Tory MPs have declared that they are united in any vote against the Betrayal Agreement, far more than are needed to sack a Leader who has committed Treason at every step and treated them all with utter contempt.